Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kitchen Chair Makeover I had these chairs in my kitchen that are black.  Well the cushion was black.  They were driving me insane and I had almost come to the conclusion to just throw them out.  I had purchased them along with a table for $20 just to take up some space in my kitchen. So there was no real emotional attachment!!  The kids used it the most bc my dining room table is bar height and we never sit in there only on special occasions. day I was in Joannes and I saw some little fabric squares. So I picked up a couple not knowing what I was going to do with them and headed home.  Well like a week went by and the fabric was still waiting to be used!  Lol  I know I am not the only person that just buy things bc you know you are going to NEED them one day!  So the point is that I used it to cover my chairs!!  Woohoo!!!  I love it...and the color scheme goes perfect with my kitchen.  Here it is!!

Until next time....

Mrs.  Houston

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