Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hello Kitty/Rockstar Party

Okay sweet daughter Liz turned 6 on November 21st!  We had her party on November 19th and boy was it a blast!!  Here are some pics of the party!!  All of the decorations were done by yours truly and my Cricut Mini of course!!  Here they are!!!

The Invitation
As always...I make my own invites using Microsoft Publisher....then I print them out @ Walmart!!  There was something on the back but it was just party info and my address...def don't want to show that! Lol

 The Cake
I just learned how to pipe!!!  One of my addictions is buying piping tips....but I NEVER used them until now!  Thanks to a friend that taught me how!

The same friend that showed me how to pipe iced the cupcakes for me!!  The icing is BUBBLEGUM flavor.  The kids loved it!!

Sugar Cookies

Hello Kitty Suckers

Purple Chocolate Fountain

Made all of these with my Cricut Mini...and I only used the free cartridge that came with the Cricut Craftroom!!


Pin the Bow on Kitty


Picture Props
Kind of like a photo booth...but we didn't have an actual booth.  But my photographer let me borrow one of her backdrops and I decorated it.  

the birthday girl

my two ladies

oooops almost forgot about the pink disco ball!!

So there you have it....I had an amazing time planning and throwing the party!!  My youngest has already told me that she wants a Spongebob party next year.  It's not until August so we will see...I am more than sure it will change by then!!  A HUGE thank you to my photographer Jen!!  Check her out on fb....  Like Her Page

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Mrs. Houston

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmas Stocking CCR Cut File

Cartridges Used:

Cricut Craftroom Basics
Cricut Font & Basic Shapes

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Mrs. Houston

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Frankenstein CCR Cut File

Cartridges Used: Cricut Font & Basic Shapes

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Mrs. Houston

How to Download CCR Cut Files

Helllllllllllooooo!!!!!  Happy Thursday!!  Here are the instructions on how to download the files and used them in the Craftroom. it goes.

Click the "click to download".

Then this will come up....

Click "download"

Make sure you know where it has been downloaded to

Open your Craftroom

Click File



Choose the file you've downloaded

And there you go!!!  WooHoo!!!

Have any questions; feel free to ask me!

Contact me here 

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Guitar CCR Cut File

Cartridges Used: Cricut Font & Basic Shapes

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Candy Corn Craft

So normally I really do not like candy corn...but for some odd reason I have been eating them like crazy!  I was eating some yesterday morning and I became inspired.  I wanted to do some sort of crafty with candy corn as my theme!!  So with my little brain, cricut mini, & stamps and ribbon.  This is what I came up with!!

Cricut Cartridges Used:  Chic & Scary and Cricut Font & Basic Shapes

I think they are sooooo adorable!!  Hope they inspire you to make something sweet!!

Until next time..


Mrs. Houston

Update I am.  Still have lots to catch up on.  How are all of my fellow scrappers, crafters, & friends!!??  I thought I would somewhat be able to catch up after the wedding.   HOWEVER that certainly wasn't the case.  Husband came home for two weeks...and his time to leave has approached us SUPER fast.  He is heading to Afghanistan to continue the fight for our country!!  So I haven't been able to blog at all.  But I have been able to do some little crafts with my two little ladies.  I will post them in the next blog post that's coming right after this one.  But first the mailman just came and I think my case for my phone is in the  mailbox.  So I have to go check.  Lol I just recently bought the Samsung Galaxy S 3!!!  Love, love, love it!  Lol Okay gotta go!!!

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Mrs. Houston

Hello Kitty Peace CCR Cut File

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Max & Ruby/Beach Theme Birthday Party

Okay so my now 3 yr old Cailey had her birthday party about 2 weeks ago.  I originally planned for it to just be a beach theme party.  The party would start at a beach that's close to my house and then back to my house for food, cake, and gifts.  Well sweet little Cailey decided about a week before her party that she wanted Max & Ruby (the bunnies from Nick Jr)  So I added a little decor with them on it to the party.

This is the invitation I made....

I am all for doing my own invites!  All you need is your comp, design software (I use Publisher), & I print them at Walmart. 

 This was the start of her backdrop for her cake table!!  I used foam board that I bought at the Dollar Tree!  I always keep some on hand bc its so cheap...I usually pick up a few pieces whenever I go in there.  I put two of them together and then wrapped it in yellow wrapping paper..came from the Dollar Tree also but I already had it on hand.  For the words/letters I used my Cricut Mini.  So technically it cost me nothing bc I had this stuff already in the house.

This is the finished backdrop

Party pics taken by Jennifer Carter...check her out on facebook @ Jen Carter Photography.
She also took the pic that's of my daughter in the invitation!  

This is the cake.... I am not a cake decorator at all. But I didn't want to spend tons on something that was going to be consumed in a hour. I am going to take some piping classes bc I buy piping supplies all the time but I have no clue how to pipe (its a secret obesssion...shhh!!) :)

For favors I gave every kid a goldfish in it's own little bowl...they were a big hit!!  Even the girl in the pet store thought it was a cool idea.  I just wanted to do something different than the typical goody bag!!

Here are a few more pics that I have...these are more "sneak peek" pics the rest are been edited!

Birthday Girl!!!!

I will be adding more pics!!!

Until next time...

Mrs. Houston

Where Have I Been?????

OMG!!!!!  I have been away for sooooooooooo long!!!  How are you all???  My life got a little more chaotic than I was expecting it to.  My husband (who is in the Navy) had to be sent out for some training before heading to Afghanistan, My youngest 3rd birthday came along, my oldest stared kindergarten, two of my nieces came to spend some time with me for two weeks, my oldest is also takes dance and plays soccer....and the list goes on.  It was all happening at once.  Oh yeah PLUS I am an Independent Thirty-One consultant and is an event planner and have a wedding coming up in exactly one week.  So yeah life has definitely kept me busy.  However...things are starting to slow down; well just a bit otherwise I wouldn't have to be up at 3:39am updating everyone on where on this earth I have been.  Lol I have added soooooo many things to my scrap/crafting supplies!!!  Every time I take a shopping trip my intentions are to capture them and share....but with me being supper busy...I have to say I get a "F" on that task!!  But I will post a few items that I have yet to organize and the wonderfulness of coupons!! I have not done a lot of scrappin/crafting for fun.  I will post pics of my daughters birthday party that was 100% done by me, also some wedding decor I have put together, and a project I am working on for my daughters soccer team.  I am the team mom....yayyyyyy go me!!!!  Woohoo!!!  Okay....gotta go put another load in the washer and dryer and catch some more zzzz' game in the morning!!  Talk to you guys soon!!!

Until Next Time...

Mrs. Houston

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Dr. Seuss Birthday

So my oldest was in Pre-K last year!!  Well Dr. Seuss Birthday was on a Friday and that Wednesday before my daughter brought home a letter saying that they were to dress up as their fav Dr Seuss character!  One day preparation.....really!!  Well one of her BFF's is in her of course I decided on Thing 1 and Thing 2.  This is what I whipped up.....

My daughter is on the left!  

I went on a mission to find two blue feather boas....HOWEVER I found one!!  BUMMER!!  So I went to Michaels and purchased some  blue feathers.  So I glued them on one by one on a stocking cap! The white circle was felt with the sticky backing.  The red jacket and pants were on sale at Walmart for like 3 bucks!!! It worked and was a hit with their teachers!!  Lol

Oh and I made these for their teachers!!

Until next time...

Mrs. Houston

Red & Blue Cupcake Toppers

Cupcake toppers I made for my daughters 2nd birthday last year.  I had to cut everything by hand....soooooooo happy that the husband bought me a Cricut for my birthday in March!!  

Here are more pics so that you can see the entire color scheme and such!


Plates, Cups, and Napkins from Birthday Express!

Tissue Pomanders I hung from the ceiling.

Goody Bags
Stickers were made from a seller on ebay!!  They were super inexpensive!!

Contents of the goody bags....Fruit Snacks, Coloring Page ( I printed off of the net), and Olivia stickers I ordered from ebay!

For some random reason I don't have pics of the setup...and I am 99.231423% sure I took some!

Until next time..

Mrs. Houston