Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Well....here I am.  Still have lots to catch up on.  How are all of my fellow scrappers, crafters, & friends!!??  I thought I would somewhat be able to catch up after the wedding.   HOWEVER that certainly wasn't the case.  Husband came home for two weeks...and his time to leave has approached us SUPER fast.  He is heading to Afghanistan to continue the fight for our country!!  So I haven't been able to blog at all.  But I have been able to do some little crafts with my two little ladies.  I will post them in the next blog post that's coming right after this one.  But first the mailman just came and I think my case for my phone is in the  mailbox.  So I have to go check.  Lol I just recently bought the Samsung Galaxy S 3!!!  Love, love, love it!  Lol Okay gotta go!!!

Until next time...(a few minutes)


Mrs. Houston

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