Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hello Kitty/Rockstar Party

Okay sweet daughter Liz turned 6 on November 21st!  We had her party on November 19th and boy was it a blast!!  Here are some pics of the party!!  All of the decorations were done by yours truly and my Cricut Mini of course!!  Here they are!!!

The Invitation
As always...I make my own invites using Microsoft Publisher....then I print them out @ Walmart!!  There was something on the back but it was just party info and my address...def don't want to show that! Lol

 The Cake
I just learned how to pipe!!!  One of my addictions is buying piping tips....but I NEVER used them until now!  Thanks to a friend that taught me how!

The same friend that showed me how to pipe iced the cupcakes for me!!  The icing is BUBBLEGUM flavor.  The kids loved it!!

Sugar Cookies

Hello Kitty Suckers

Purple Chocolate Fountain

Made all of these with my Cricut Mini...and I only used the free cartridge that came with the Cricut Craftroom!!


Pin the Bow on Kitty


Picture Props
Kind of like a photo booth...but we didn't have an actual booth.  But my photographer let me borrow one of her backdrops and I decorated it.  

the birthday girl

my two ladies

oooops almost forgot about the pink disco ball!!

So there you have it....I had an amazing time planning and throwing the party!!  My youngest has already told me that she wants a Spongebob party next year.  It's not until August so we will see...I am more than sure it will change by then!!  A HUGE thank you to my photographer Jen!!  Check her out on fb....  Like Her Page

Until next time...


Mrs. Houston

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