Saturday, September 15, 2012

Max & Ruby/Beach Theme Birthday Party

Okay so my now 3 yr old Cailey had her birthday party about 2 weeks ago.  I originally planned for it to just be a beach theme party.  The party would start at a beach that's close to my house and then back to my house for food, cake, and gifts.  Well sweet little Cailey decided about a week before her party that she wanted Max & Ruby (the bunnies from Nick Jr)  So I added a little decor with them on it to the party.

This is the invitation I made....

I am all for doing my own invites!  All you need is your comp, design software (I use Publisher), & I print them at Walmart. 

 This was the start of her backdrop for her cake table!!  I used foam board that I bought at the Dollar Tree!  I always keep some on hand bc its so cheap...I usually pick up a few pieces whenever I go in there.  I put two of them together and then wrapped it in yellow wrapping paper..came from the Dollar Tree also but I already had it on hand.  For the words/letters I used my Cricut Mini.  So technically it cost me nothing bc I had this stuff already in the house.

This is the finished backdrop

Party pics taken by Jennifer Carter...check her out on facebook @ Jen Carter Photography.
She also took the pic that's of my daughter in the invitation!  

This is the cake.... I am not a cake decorator at all. But I didn't want to spend tons on something that was going to be consumed in a hour. I am going to take some piping classes bc I buy piping supplies all the time but I have no clue how to pipe (its a secret obesssion...shhh!!) :)

For favors I gave every kid a goldfish in it's own little bowl...they were a big hit!!  Even the girl in the pet store thought it was a cool idea.  I just wanted to do something different than the typical goody bag!!

Here are a few more pics that I have...these are more "sneak peek" pics the rest are been edited!

Birthday Girl!!!!

I will be adding more pics!!!

Until next time...

Mrs. Houston

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