Saturday, September 15, 2012

Where Have I Been?????

OMG!!!!!  I have been away for sooooooooooo long!!!  How are you all???  My life got a little more chaotic than I was expecting it to.  My husband (who is in the Navy) had to be sent out for some training before heading to Afghanistan, My youngest 3rd birthday came along, my oldest stared kindergarten, two of my nieces came to spend some time with me for two weeks, my oldest is also takes dance and plays soccer....and the list goes on.  It was all happening at once.  Oh yeah PLUS I am an Independent Thirty-One consultant and is an event planner and have a wedding coming up in exactly one week.  So yeah life has definitely kept me busy.  However...things are starting to slow down; well just a bit otherwise I wouldn't have to be up at 3:39am updating everyone on where on this earth I have been.  Lol I have added soooooo many things to my scrap/crafting supplies!!!  Every time I take a shopping trip my intentions are to capture them and share....but with me being supper busy...I have to say I get a "F" on that task!!  But I will post a few items that I have yet to organize and the wonderfulness of coupons!! I have not done a lot of scrappin/crafting for fun.  I will post pics of my daughters birthday party that was 100% done by me, also some wedding decor I have put together, and a project I am working on for my daughters soccer team.  I am the team mom....yayyyyyy go me!!!!  Woohoo!!!  Okay....gotta go put another load in the washer and dryer and catch some more zzzz' game in the morning!!  Talk to you guys soon!!!

Until Next Time...

Mrs. Houston

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