Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Clear Stamps

How's everyone doing this Tuesday afternoon/night!  We just finished having a good little storm!  Thought I would blog right quick while watching a little tv and the kids are entertaining themselves.

So....I have a new love and it is for CLEAR STAMPS!!!  I never ever knew how to use them but would always see them in the craft store.  Well my dear friend introduced me to them now im hooked.  So much that the other day I went on eBay searching for them and I found some for 99 cent and shipping was only 44 cent!  So yes I just had to get a few.  Lol ONLY a few....here they are!!

And I just checked and there are some new ones.  So go figure....I just have to add them to my collection!  Well that's all I wanted to say!  Lol

Until next time...
Mrs.  Houston

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