Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Using My Cricut Cuts as Clipart Images

So I am sure what I am about to tell you isn't new...and has already been discovered.  BUT I thought I'd share.  So about a week ago I was working on a baby shower invitation.  Well it is for a set of twin girls.  The theme is "Two Peas in A Pod".  So of course I was using my Cricut Mini and Craftroom to create a few things.  So I used the "Best Images of 2006" cartridge for the pea pod and baby.  Oh wait....before I continue AND I had absolutely no clue you could basically "crop/alter" images in the craftroom ....Ill talk about my discovery of that in my next post. (Check Out My Post About It Here) So this is what I cut....

So it came out great and my friend is going to use it to decorate her baby shower wreathe.  Well I started working on the invites...and I kept thinking to myself "I wish I could use the pea pod I cut for the invites.  Then DING....it came to me.  So I added a layer and used a white square behind what I originally cut...

then I did a print screen and opened Microsoft Pulisher....or you can used Paint I have done both.  Paste and then crop it within the white box....

it will look like this once its cropped.  However it will still have a white background.  But this can easily be removed.  I use publisher...I insert the image on a blank paper.  Then click the "recolor" option.

click "set transparent color" then click anywhere on the white part of the image.  After that right click the image, save as picture file, name it, and VOILA its done.  So this is what I have done with it so far.

I am excited...bc I never knew or thought about doing this!!!  Stay tuned for my next post about "altering/cropping" images in the Cricut Craftroom!!

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