Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hiding Contour on the Images in the Cricut Craftroom

Okay so I have had my Crciut for a year and a half.  HOWEVER I just found out that you could alter an image.  Sooooo Joann's had the "Simply Charmed" cartridge on sale for like $20 but I couldn't decide if I wanted it bc I noticed the images all had faces.  While this was cute and I was sure I'd use it as is....I knew that sometimes I didn't want a face.  Especially on my food.....a smiling watermenlon!  Lol

Lol so I logged onto Craftroom and went to the "Simply Charmed" cartridge and thought if I played around with it....it would make me make a decision.  This is when I discovered my discovery (if that makes sense)!!  Lol

Click the eye to hide the second layer!

Click on the image.  Then click "Hide Contour"

It will then look like this....

Then put the mouse over the eye/mouth/whatever you want to take away...it will turn red.  Sn:  not every line can be removed...but most can!
Click on it and it will gray out.  I went ahead and clicked on both eyes and mouth.
When you are dont selecting what you want to be removed....click exit and it will take you back to the original colored image.
After I was finished with the 1st layer I also did the 2nd layer.  Now I have a watermelon that doesn't smile.  Lol 

Like I said before I am sure someone knew this already....but it was new to me!!  I felt like I hit a gold mine!! Hope this helps someone!!!

Until next time....


Mrs. Houston


  1. I am a new follower of your blog. Way to go on learning how to alter images using ccr. It seems as if it works similar to the way I use my gypsy to alter images. Great job. Love your blog and I am also a follower of your FB page. Can you follow me back?


    Thanks and good luck!

    1. The thank you so much for following me. I will def check you out and follow you!! ;)