Wednesday, July 24, 2013

How I Make my Cricut Mat Sticky Again!!

Happy Wednesday everyone!!!!  Okay I have never shared my method of getting my mats sticky again.  This is what I use:

First I spray it with this:

Then I wipe the mat off per the instructions on the back of the bottle.  Sometimes, depending on how much build up is on my mat....I repeat the process!

After the mat is dry I apply glue to my mat using this:

The glue can be used in two different ways.  Use it like typical glue....just to adhere OR re-positional......apply the glue and wait for it to completely dry.  I typically do this while I am working on another project bc I have 0 patience so I have to keep my hands busy with something else or I will go insane trying to wait it out.

Recently I discovered repositional mod podge!!!!  Well not very recently....maybe 2/3 months ago!!!  However I am going to give this a try once one of my mats (I have 6) needs some sticky again!!!  I will let you know how that goes.  Oh this is the mod podge...

Well....that's how I make my mats sticky again!!!

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Mrs. Houston

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