Friday, July 5, 2013

Craftroom Cut Files That I Post

Hello everyone!!!  I was just sitting here thinking about the cut files that I post.  I initially got the idea to post them for download bc of me being el cheapo!!  I hate having to spend $60 on a cartridge and I may only need on object; I just know there are others our there that feel the same as I!  Soooooo I was like "hey I probably can create things with just the basic shapes"....and worked!  So anywhoo.....Im sure you would like to see that I actually use the files that I create!  So I am going to start posting some that I actually put to use!! Stay tuned for my next post!!  I will put a link to the if want it you can just click and it will take you to that post and you will be able to download it!!!

Until next time....


Mrs. Houston

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