Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Frozen's - Anna SVG

Anna cut & assembled! For her hair I used the VersaMarker watermark pen.  I also used a pink pastel chalk for her can't see it that well in the pic!

Hope you have fun creating!!!

Until next time....

Mrs. Houston


  1. Please help, I cannot seem to download the Svg files for Anna and Elsa. When I click to download the image gets too big and I only get part of it.

    1. Once you open it with Design a Space the entire image will be there! Let me know if you have any other issues.

  2. I am having the same issue the file is too big to download, I downloaded it and was only able to get a piece of her hair :( and I doing something wrong?

  3. love these svgs but I too am getting a partial picture. Am I able to use these with my sillouette cameo.

  4. Shameka, can you help us? We just got a piece of the hair, it seems the file is incompleted.
    Thanks a lot!
    Ana and

  5. Awesome thanks!!

    (when it goes to download you have to hit the download button to get it.. it will only show a bit but when you import it under vector in cricut design space it shows the entire image)

  6. I am SOOOOOO sorry guys!!!! I have been slammed with work just seeing your SOS! But yes once downloaded the entire image will open in DS. Thanks for visiting....and again I apologize for such a late response! :)

  7. thank you so much for these files - I have a cameo - and a niece that is obsessed with 'Frozen'... hope I can do these justice - like you have. You are SOOOO generous to share - especially because you did all the hard work (but easy when you know how - right? lol)...

    Paula (Grateful crafter from across the pond!!!)

  8. I am so sorry to look a gift horse in the mouth but I am having the same problem, only part of her hair. Even when I move i8t around nothing is there or even when I zoom out nothing is there.

  9. Hi-it appears everyone was having the same problem with partial image. My question is how do I save it as an svg file to import into DS? I have the cricut explore. I tried to download the image, but it only allows me to save as a webarchive. Any help appreciated! Thanks! email is

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  11. Thank you for sharing this lovely file!