Wednesday, January 29, 2014

DIY RIbbon Holder/Storage

Okay so I have been desperately needing a place to store my ribbon and is also functional.  HOWEVER I hate to spend tons of money on things that I could possibly create myself....I'm sure most crafters would agree with me.  So day while I was in Michaels I decided to by a rectangular piece of wood.  It was like $1.29 and I used my 40% off coupon.  I also needed dowel rods but luckily I keep them on hand at home.  Did you know that a pack of dowel rods at Michaels is like $3/4 bucks??  You can get a pack of them at Walmart for $1....and it's a bigger quantity than the pack at Michaels.  Anyway.....that was just a FYI!  So I finally put my little idea together!!

I drilled three holes in the wood...which is where the dowel rods will go.
My original plans.....paint it pink & glitter mod podge.
But then I wanted to do the dowels a different color and I wanted to use my shimmer mod podge bc I never use it.

Here is the finished product.
I love the way it turned out!!!  Now I have to make about four more....because I so much more ribbon.

Well....thats my DIY ribbon holder!!

Until next time...
Mrs. Houston

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