Saturday, December 28, 2013

Candy Shop Theme Birthday Party

So my daughter turned the BIG 7!!!  We love doing parties, coming up with ideas, and having all of her friends over for a grand ole' time.  This year we went with a candy shop theme.  I am not big on letting my kids indulge in a lot of this was going to be something fab for them.  I told them that they could have as much candy as their little hearts desired!  The party was super budget friendly....most of everything was in my craftroom. are the pics

This was her invitation.  Very simple yet theme related!  They were loved by her guests and whats even better everything I needed for the invite was in my craftroom.  Not a single dime was spent to make these.


The Setup

Backdrop with Candy Props

Birthday Girl

I have plenty more pics....but didn't want to overload you with them!!!  

Until next time....


Mrs. Houston

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