Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Candy Dishes out of Flower Pots

Hellllllooooooo!!!!!  How are you guys??  Well....I think I am coming down with something.  I am sitting in my craft room with a pullover on, annnnd i turned the ac off, annnnnd I have my window up and its like 80+ degrees outside.  So yeah I think it's safe to say your little buddy has caught some germs!  So anywho!!  I just figured out that I have never shared with you all another hobby of mine.  I am just going to post some pics and I will go into more details about them later.  I am really not feeling great!

I will post more info about them a little later.  But if you have any questions or comments....please let me know.

Until next time..

Mrs. Houston

1 comment:

  1. aww the photos aren't showing :( do you have any available My Little Pony SVGs?