Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Major Update!!!

Where do I start!!!  Merry Christmas, Happy Winter, Happy New Year.....and soon to be Happy Valentine's Day!!!  Well....I had to take a small break from the world!  My dad passed away suddenly on December 13th!!  As I type this I still cant believe I have to actually say that my dad passed away!!  My dad was the dad of all dads... I miss him terribly everyday.  I was a spoiled rotten little girl (lol and I am almost 30)!!!  My parents had been married for 45 years!!!  Major accomplishment!!  Also I have 4 other siblings, nieces & nephews, along with my two girls....so we have been having a tough time getting use to this sudden change.  However with much prayer and support from our loved ones and close friends....we now we will get through this!  So with that said... I have just started to feel like crafting/scrapbooking again!!  Also for every holiday I triy to do a craft/play date with my daughters friends... I love the social interaction and it gives me a reason to decorate, craft, etc!  So I am in the process of planning their Valentines Day get together.  I have also managed to create two new FREE Cricut cuts.  I will be posting those in my next post.  Hope everyone is have a great start to the new year!!! Talk to ya soon!

Until next time....


Mrs. Houston

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