Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It's been FOREVER!!!!!

OMG I havent posted in ages!!!  Well we have had Valentine's Day, I have turned 29, and much much more.  I never got around to posting my crafts I had completed.  Those will be coming along with more I have done.  Well for Valentine's Day my husband got me this....
It was a complete surprise!!!  I was/am a happy wife!!  Shortly after Vday I started my new venture as a Thirty-One Consultant!!  I love love love it!!  I was always purchasing things and having a wish list of items that I wanted so I said hey....this could be the job for me!!!  Plus I adore the fact that its a faith based company who really stands by what they believe in.  Want to see a catalog, or take a look at my site...heres the info...


Lastly I turned 29 on March 30!!!!  I am well on my way to 30 and I'm excited about it!!!  I had an awesome birthday surrounded by friends and family!!  I had dinner @ Carrabas, then cake and ice cream at my house.  My husband once again surprised me with someone that I def wanted/needed!!!

And then it was Mother's Day! I spent the day with my family!  We went to the beach and relaxed, played in the sand, just enjoyed one another.  Then we had dinner....Chillis!!!  It was muy delicioso (very good)!!!  Oh wait I can't leave out my lovely gift from my husband and kids!!!

and my 5 year old made this for me at school
So I have been pretty busy!!  I also found out the my husband is being shipped to Afghanistan!!!  Thats a blog on its one!!  Lol  Well my next post will be my crafts!!!  


Mrs. Houston

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