Tuesday, November 22, 2011

5 Year Old Spa Party

Well my daughter turned the BIG 5 on yesterday (11/21/11)!!  So we celebrated on Saturday the 19th!  The theme I decided to go with was Spa/Salon Party.  I thought it would be super cute to do a pink, black, white, & green color scheme; with zebra print to add some spark!

This party was VERY budget friendly...with having two girls most of their things are pink!!  I already had nail polish, finger & toenail clippers, polish remover...basically all of the essentials for painting nails/toenails.

I did these myself using Microsoft Publisher.  I printed out about 15 for the low cost of $3 @ WalMart!! I printed them out using the Matte Finishing!  I think they turned out great and they were hit among the guest!!


The sign was made by my sister who lives in Florida....I cant draw anything..but I do have neat handwriting! Lol  The border was made use streamers.  I pick up the zebra print streamers from Party City for like 3 bucks.  The black background is actually the tissue that used to put into gift bags.

The pink, black, & green are all plastic table cloths that cost 97 cent.  The pink is the entire table cloth...but the green and black are pieces that I cut.  The letters were made using scrapbook card stock that I had from scrapbooking.  I just used a stencil and cut the letters out.  The "H" & "B" are cute using zebra print paper that I picked up @ Michaels Craft Store for $1.29 plus I had a coupon!  :)  I also made the pink & green pom poms with gift bag tissue!

The pink paper lanterns were purchased @ the Dollar Tree!  I was going to make my own but I got started kinda late!  The white balloon looking figure was made with yarn and an actual balloon!  I blew up a balloon, dipped the yarn in a water & glue mixture, and just wrapped it around the balloon.  I let it dry for a day and then popped the balloon....and PRESTO!!!  

Matching cups & plates were purchased at Party City!  Utensils & napkins were all from WalMart!  I also bought some silver star confetti to sprinkle on the tables.

The curtains are also plastic table clothes....and I outlined the pink with the zebra print streamer!

Cake Table
This was obviously before the cake arrived.  I bought pink sugar wafers, pink marshmallows & zebra print marshmallows...which were just white marshmallows drizzled with chocolate, and some pink & white frosted cookies.  The pink zebra print was again just some card stock from Michaels...and underneath that was some green tissue.

With the cake & goody bags!  For the goody bags I put in a candy bracelet, a bracelet the girls made at the party, & some lip gloss they used for their makeovers.

I thought it would be fun to do a strawberry cake to tie in with the pink decor!  It was sooooo yummy!!  (I did not make the cake...it was done by a fellow military wife..Kristas Kakes)

The Setup
This was the polish station and the pedicure station.  I already had the pink tubs bc I am an obsessive organzier, so I had plenty of them!  As well as the pink crate and the little chairs!  The person doing the pedicure used the crate as her chair!!

This is the pedicure station.  The pink & green carriers were just nailed to the wall.  I found these at a thrift store for 75 cent! :)

This was the makeup station.  Coincidentally my computer chair matched the color scheme!  Which was great bc the chair went up and down!

The bracelet making table!  The girls LOVED making their own bracelet.  I bought the kit for $5 at Five Below!

To help with the festivities I just volunteered some of the moms to work at each station..they enjoyed themselves so much!  Some of the moms even got their makeup done!

A Few Pics of The Girls Enjoying Themselves


  1. This looks amazing! Thanks for sharing, gave me lots of great ideas :-)

  2. Thanks for checking it out. I'm glad I could help!!! Is there a birthday coming up?